Philosophy & Scalability


We believe in transparent trend. Our designers have an innate sense of glamour accompanied with an unfailing eye for timeless chic. Innovation in fashion comes with freshness, freshness in judgement, knowledge of iconic elements hidden in real world rather than magazines, confidence layered in common people and significant pursual of retail analytics, all of these are educated in our designers.

Our Value addition to business infrastructure:

The infrastructure of fashion is built with essential blocks of digital technology, technical and pattern evaluation, robust product development and in-house testing labs which are the pillars of innovation for Indochine.

Digital Technology:

We have a digital vision of fashion and work at the intersection of technology and fashion. With the assistance of Tukatech Software which eases the walk of pattern creation and grading for us, the accomplishment of singular fashion establishment in every country is smooth for Indochine.

Pattern/ Technical Evaluation:

Indochine desires to resolve the unsettled thought of the most critical question “Will it FIT?”, clarified. The battle of perception can be won only by making portrayal of FIT, significant and counted which is done by implanting virtual fitting capabilities. Indochine has incorporated 2D and 3D pattern practices, 3D rendering of fabric techniques, prints and stitches to project and review virtual photos.

Product Development:

The initiation of technology nowadays making decisions for fashion industry, Indochine has integrated 200-plus sample machines which are capable to produce all sorts of product categories. Our dedicated team stats fascinated towards creating a timepiece and follows a cycle of analysis, sample creation, inspection and finally sourcing on approval.

In House Testing Labs:

Worshipping wearable technology, Indochine, breaths to offer comprehensive fashion solutions delivered to the customers though adequate introspection. We have incorporated fully accredited testing labs which holds the ability of performing physical testing by NEXT and C&A. An In-house Datacolor 600 spectrometer for color analysis elevates our pride.